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Management Team Communication ~ July 7th 2014

To all SD Club Members,

As you should now be aware of the exciting news that Louise our Chief Coach is expecting her first child in November. The Management Team has identified a number of activities which we are working closely with Louise to ensure the smooth day to day running of the squads and coaching activities.   Priority of actions:

• Confirm arrangement for overseas camp, Club La Santa replacement for Louise in October 2014

o   The camp will be covered by Anthony Clark, Shaun Matthews and Liz Matthews.

• Identify cover for Louise whilst on Maternity

o    Various options have been considered with regards Maternity cover whilst Louise is off.  Like many other businesses that temporarily loose critical staff during maternity leave, the Management Team has decided to advertise Louise’s role to cover maternity leave.  The maternity cover advertisement will be posted in all the normal swimming related job listings and can also be viewed here.  The expectation for the successful candidate is that they would directly support Louise during the weeks prior to maternity leave and also for period to be agreed post maternity when Louise returns to work.  During Louise’s maternity leave, the successful candidate will assume all the Chief Coach’s responsibilities.

• Louise return to work plans

o    The Management Team will continue to work closely with Louise regarding return to work plans post maternity, as well as the many other activities that need to be covered with regards to H&S, Legal and Louise’s overall vision and goals for the club.

Regards  The Swindon Dolphin Management Team